Ad/Creative Governance

Deliver a clean advertising experience from placement verification to landing page

How do you:

  • Verify ad campaigns reach targeted audiences across the global digital ecosystem?
  • Protect against malvertising?
  • Ensure compliance with advertising policies?
  • Identify user-tracking behavior?

Every day, billions of ads successfully flow through the digital advertising ecosystem. Ad networks and exchanges rely on speed to access and deliver the right ad tags to the right publisher at the right time while publishers work to monetize, secure and optimize the user experience.

Together, this volume and speed can wreak havoc affecting the entire online and mobile advertising ecosystem—incorrect ad placement, out-of-policy ad behavior, unauthorized user-tracking activity, malware-laced ad tags and landing pages, and mobile redirects, to name a few.

Online and mobile publishers, ad networks, exchanges, and demand platforms lack the infrastructure and resources to continuously monitor their public-facing websites or demand assets for accurate placement, suspicious or malicious code, data leakage and creative policy issues.

The Media Trust provides a robust suite of SaaS-based services, which are powered by our proprietary ad tag and website monitoring technology, to govern your ad tag and creative elements. Through continuous scanning of ad tags, The Media Trust provides robust, real-time management and control that enables: