Creative Policy Enforcement

Media Scanner™ ensures all your ad tags are 100% compliant 24/7

Digital publishers and their ad tech partners strive to deliver the ideal user experience, leveraging industry best practices promulgated by the Interactive Advertising Board (IAB) while also complying with various government regulations. To meet both directives, they need to pay close attention to the technical and creative characteristics of the ad tags used in their environments. In the programmatic world, missteps are frequent, and can expose your business to government reprimands and fines, negative publicity, decreased consumer confidence and significant brand damage. Media Scanner™, however, can immediately reduce your vulnerability and give you the control you need.

Media Scanner for Creative Policy Enforcement
This SaaS-based service works by conducting a comprehensive quality assurance check—both pre-launch and in flight—on each tag's technical and creative components. Whether a publisher, network, exchange, DSP, SSP or agency, Media Scanner continuously analyzes your ad tags for 100% compliance with all internal creative and technical policies as well as any state and federal regulations. Leveraging the IAB’s taxonomy and a comprehensive, proprietary database developed from 10+ years of monitoring the digital ecosystem, Media Scanner provides robust support for all ad formats, including display, rich-media, video, search, native advertising and mobile.

When the service detects a policy violation—including fraudulent, offensive, competitive, black-listed or channel-conflict ads—the service immediately sends an alert so you can take appropriate actions. In addition, the service alerts on any changes to either technical or creative components during campaign flight. Media Scanner’s real-time alerting and already established APIs—which integrate with hundreds of ad servers, networks and exchanges—enable fast and reliable resolution to any policy violations, including those affecting site performance, break HTTPS encryption, and violate company or regulatory mandates.

Policies for technical and creative characteristics
For technical and creative specification enforcement, the Media Scanner service provides:

  • Continuous, 24/7 monitoring of an ad's technical and creative components in both pre-launch and in flight
  • More than 25 different technical metrics for assessing and evaluating an ad's technical aspects, including audio utilization, pop ups, CPU usage, file size and load time
  • Four major types of metrics used by alerting and client reports: industry/vertical, advertiser and/or specific brand, creative characteristics and landing page
  • A client-specific creative library, which is a database of all the creative detected and made searchable by any of the above criteria