Digital Threat Intelligence

Block active threats first, and analyze them later.

Tired of whitelisting, blacklisting, adblocking, and using AVs and firewalls only to find that malware still gets through to your enterprise network? The Media Trust’s Digital Threat Intelligence (DTI) protects your enterprise’s everyday internet usage where traditional internet defenses let you down.

This indispensable threat feed offers access to the first real-time, machine-learning and human-verified intelligence. Our feed is directly sourced by continuously monitoring legitimate, premium websites accessed by your employees every day at work. In order to identify malware as it occurs, our attack detection engine scans the consumer-internet (not the dark web or in-the-wild scanning) utilizing thousands of browser/OS, device, geography combinations and distinct cookie-based user behavior profiles--the exact ones that power digital advertising.

Since DTI is 100% original source with no compiled or open source information, you can count on near-zero false positives with 99.95% intel accuracy.

Not just Threat Intel, but Attack Intel

Our attack detection engine identifies and corroborates new malware delivery vectors as they occur. DTI gives you intel about active, rapidly and frequently-morphing threats propagating in the digital ecosystem, enabling you to swiftly arrest attacks before they penetrate the enterprise network and endpoints.

We make it simple for you

DTI easily integrates by an API with your existing SIEM/TIP and blocking solution and operates via multiple industry standards, including STIX/TAXII, and in formats including TPX, JSON and CSV.

Don't have a blocking system or SIEM in place? Check out our partner integrations.