Enterprise IT

Protect your online and mobile websites
from malware

With enterprises of all sizes under constant attack, security remains a top concern for CIOs and CISOs. To date, most enterprise IT departments have focused their efforts, resources and budget on securing their networks, web-enabled applications, email systems and the endless array of endpoints. All of these solutions do provide proven protection, but they fail to address a major conduit for malware: your website and any other consumer-facing mobile assets.

Considering the threat of web-based malware is 24/7, very few IT departments understand the risk associated with the presence of third-party code on their website. They make no attempt to understand which entities download code, how long they have been there, the purpose or function they serve, their pathway or their origins. In addition, IT departments do not maintain historical records of what companies and code were present on their site and how they got there, making remediation of website issues extremely difficult and time consuming.

Given the ever-increasing aggression and sophistication of cybercriminals, nation-states, and hacker activists, CIOs, CISOs and their teams can no longer remain complacent about website and their website visitors being so exposed. They must take the necessary steps to monitor and inspect every piece of third-party code downloaded to your site on a continuous, 24/7 basis.

With a physical presence in 500 cities located in six continents, The Media Trust's proprietary website and ad tag scanning technology provides IT with the peace of mind needed to survive today's ever-changing threat environment. The Company provides continuous, non-stop protection against malware, web and mobile anomalies with the following Security-as-a-Service offerings: