Malware Prevention

Media Scanner™ provides continuous,
24/7 malware protection

Continuous detecting and alerting on all web anomalies
The Media Trust's Media Scanner™ prevents web-based malware from infecting your website—not to mention your site's visitors—via compromised first and third-party code. Considering the majority of website code is provided by third parties, IT/Website operators have no insight or control when things go wrong.

This Security-as-a-Service continuously scans your website on a 24/7 basis, so it can detect, inspect, analyze and alert on every instance of web-based malware. Media Scanner monitors all website code executing on the browser or app especially that of third parties, such as data management platforms, advertising re-targeters, analytic firms, product recommendation engines, content management systems and sales platforms.

Protect public-facing websites and mobile apps
With a physical presence in more than 500 major cities located across six continents, The Media Trust's proprietary website scanning technology provides you with:

  • Continuous, 24/7 protection against all detected web anomalies or actual malware - before, during and after an attack
  • Immediate notification and alerting so you can remove and then block the suspicious or malicious code
  • Comprehensive analysis of each anomaly detected, which leads to a better understanding of the code’s pathway, origins, intent and overall design
  • In-house, on-shore technical support, staffed by experts in malware, security and site operations
  • Access to The Media Trust's extensive view into the online and mobile ecosystems so when malware is discovered elsewhere, the solution and the Malware Team immediately compare all related activity and then alert you to remove and block the suspicious code

Reduce your security and site operation costs
With The Media Trust’s suite of Security-as-a-Service offerings, you replace costly capital expenditures with an operating expenses (OpEx) model that reduces costs for both IT and site operations:

  • No implementation costs to incur
  • No internal resources needed to support or administrate the Media Scanner solution
  • No additional hardware or software to maintain or update

You’ll also eliminate the increasingly high costs associated with a malware attack, including malware’s intangible costs, such as damage to your brand, your corporate reputation as well as the opportunity costs associated with re-directing your resources to the attack.

Secure your website across all platforms and device types
The Media Trust monitors, detects, inspects and notifies across all online and mobile websites, mobile apps and gaming consoles. More specifically, the company's suite of SaaS services supports online and mobile websites viewed on PCs, plus all major smartphone and tablets running on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft platforms. Media Scanner also supports all major gaming consoles, including XBOX, Playstation, and IP-enabled television.

How Media Scanner for Malware Prevention works
Getting started with The Media Trust's Media Scanner is easy. To initiate website scanning, you simply enter the site domain into the system, along with the desired scan frequency and targeted geographic areas.

Upon detection of suspect activity, anomalies or overt malware, the Media Scanner system immediately notifies you via email, so you can remove and block the offending code, which shuts down a malware attack before it can cause harm.

If the malicious activity persists, The Media Trust's Malware Team contacts you via phone to discuss next steps. The Media Trust supports all clients with its own 24/7 in-house, on-shore customer support, which is staffed by experienced malware experts and software engineers.

And not only does the Media Scanner service detect all suspect activity, anomalies and overt malware, it also captures and isolates the suspect code so it can begin an immediate, in-depth, forensic examination to determine its intent, purpose, pathway and possible origins. This in-depth analysis enables a quick resolution and also further cultivates the company's institutional knowledge of malware. This self-perpetuating, virtuous cycle keeps The Media Trust at the forefront of malware detection and continuously improves the level of protection the Company provides.

Speed remediation of malware incidents
Clients may also choose to share detected malware information with their upstream partners, speeding the removal of a compromised activity from your overall digital ecosystem. When Media Scanner detects a malicious activity, Resolution Services simultaneously alerts not just your organization, but also authorized business partners involved in serving the malicious code. This resultant positive network externality significantly compresses the cycle times for malware detection, notification and remediation throughout your website execution value chain, while also improving the overall health and security of the online and mobile digital ecosystem.