Media Verifier

Media Verifier automates the QA'ing and verifying of online and mobile ad campaigns

Provide ad campaign verification, reduce “make goods”
Media Verifier, The Media Trust's flagship service, automates line-item verification and life-of-campaign verification management for online, mobile and search advertising campaigns.

First launched in 2005, Media Verifier is a well-established, neutral, third-party quality assurance system that automates a given ad placement is running as intended and that no mistakes occurred in ad execution. The solution also automates the capture and reporting of the ad's placement, providing visual verification via a “digital tearsheet” of the actual placement. In the event something goes wrong, the Media Verifier team provides real-time notification of the placement's execution failure.

Each month, Media Verifier verifies hundreds of thousands of online and mobile ad campaigns, which encompass hundreds of billions of online impressions. The Media Trust retains this data in their secure systems for a minimum of two years so the company can assist media buyers and sellers with any auditing and discrepancy resolution issues.

How Media Verifier Works
Prior to an ad campaign going live, Media Verifier requests—via API from a client's ad server or order management system—the campaign details to be verified. Immediately upon campaign or placement launch, Media Verifier begins monitoring and validating correct ad execution quality by:

  • Leveraging The Media Trust's physical presence in more than 500 cities located across six continents
  • Utilizing cookies and segment data from hundreds of behavioral targeting companies and in-house targeting techniques
  • Automating insertion of form variables and user-action simulation to accurately emulate the consumer interaction with websites and mobile apps
  • Bypassing authentication, but only with publisher approval, and using actual website logins to verify ad campaigns running behind the pay wall

Within hours of a campaign's launch, Media Verifier immediately identifies and then notifies the media buyers and sellers of any delivery errors, dramatically reducing the number of make-goods.

During the scanning of a campaign, Media Verifier captures digital tearsheets of each line item in a contract, which serve as visual verification of the ad's placement for publishers and their clients. Media Verifier compiles the results of the various scans and appropriate screen shots into a user-friendly report that includes client-defined distribution and frequency.

Media Verifier supports:

  • Almost any type of ad creative - search text, JPEG images, Flash, HTML5, rich media or video, native and overlays and more
  • Online and mobile websites, gaming platforms, IP-enabled television, search result pages and mobile applications
  • All major mobile platforms, including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows

Media Verifier has seamless and secure integration with the most widely used ad management and serving platforms including Doubleclick, Atlas, ADTECH, APT, OAS and OpenX as well as a host of proprietary systems.