Mobile App Developers

Protect your mobile apps and users from mobile redirects and malware

With more than 1.75 billion smartphones currently in use, it's clear people have become completely dependent on their mobile devices for communication, entertainment, school and work. This growing reliance on mobile devices has created an endless demand for mobile apps.

For mobile app developers, this endless demand for apps is a double-edge sword, because they must not only deliver on this demand, but they must also deliver apps that exceed device users' high expectations. Mobile device users not only demand that their mobile apps work, but that they are also intuitive, convenient and easy to use. They have zero tolerance for poor performing, hard-to-use apps, immediately rejecting any that are non-responsive, slow and bug-ridden. They will abandon them almost immediately.

So what does this mean? It means developers of ad-supported mobile applications must have the technology and processes in place to ensure the ads served from within their app are free from malware and do not cause mobile redirects, which have quickly become a major irritant in the mobile advertising ecosystem.

The Media Trust's Mobile Scanner solution provides developers of ad-supported mobile apps a comprehensive SDK and ad tag scanning, which gives non-stop protection against malware, mobile redirects, and other mobile anomalies on a 24/7 basis.