Mobile Scanner

Mobile Scanner protects against mobile-based malware and redirects

Continuous detecting and alerting on mobile anomalies, malware and mobile redirects
The Media Trust's Mobile Scanner service protects against malware and mobile redirects by continuously scanning and inspecting your mobile website, applications and ad tags on a continuous, 24/7 basis, ensuring the immediate detection of mobile malware and redirects during pre-scan as well as through campaign flight.

Each day, from a large array of servers located in 500 cities spread across six continents, the Mobile Scanner service scans more than 25,000 websites and over 5 million ad tags thousands of times, providing an unparalleled view into the online and mobile ecosystems. With Mobile Scanner continuously scanning and inspecting your mobile website, apps and ads, you gain:

  • Continuous, 24/7 protection against all detected mobile anomaly or actual malware detected by the system's proprietary scanning technology
  • Zero-hour defense against mobile redirects, which have quickly become a major irritant in the mobile ecosystem
  • Immediate notification and alerting so you can instantly remove and then block the suspicious or malicious code from your mobile site, app or ad tag
  • Continuous, 24/7 protection throughout the attack continuum - before, during and after an attack
  • Comprehensive analysis of each mobile anomaly detected so you and The Media Trust's Malware Team can gain a better understanding of the code's pathway, origins, intent and overall design
  • Access to The Media Trust's unparalleled view into the rapidly expanding mobile ecosystem so when malvertising is discovered elsewhere, both the solution and the Malware Team immediately analyze all related activity and send an alert so you can immediately remove and block the suspicious code
  • Historical data of all site, app and tag scans, including domains, companies present and all path execution analysis
  • Granular visibility and continuous, real-time control over what's on your mobile website or app as well as the ad tags running on them
  • 24/7 in-house, on-shore technical support, which The Media Trust staffs with software engineers experienced in malware, mobility and software development
  • Comprehensive, yet flexible reporting that gives you and your team the customized visibility and control needed to manage and protect your mobile assets

The Media Trust monitors, detects, inspects and notifies across mobile websites, applications and ad tags. More specifically, Mobile Scanner supports mobile websites, applications and advertising for all major smartphone and tablets running on the Android, Blackberry, iOS and Microsoft platforms.

Reduce your security and site operation costs
With the Mobile Scanner's Security-as-a-Service protecting your mobile websites, apps and ad tags, you replace costly capital expenditures with an operating expenses (OpEx) model that reduces costs for both IT and site operations:

  • No implementation costs to incur
  • No internal resources needed to support or administrate the Media Scanner solution
  • No additional hardware or software to maintain or update

You also avoid malware's intangible costs, including damage to your brand, your corporate reputation as well as the opportunity costs associated with re-directing your resources to the attack.

How Mobile Scanner for Malware Prevention works
For the Mobile Scanner service to start scanning mobile websites, enter the site domain into the system, along with the desired scan frequency and the geographic areas to scan from. With this information, Mobile Scanner immediately starts scanning your mobile website, app or ad tags.

When scanning mobile ad tags, Mobile Scanner integrates with your ad exchange, ad network, Demand Side Platform (DSP) or publisher ad serving systems via API, which enables the seamless delivery of all mobile ad tags to the Mobile Scanner solution. Upon receipt, the Mobile Scanner service immediately begins scanning and inspecting your tags for malicious behavior.

Pre-scan: Mobile Scanner conducts a thorough pre-scan on all advertising prior to launch. The service scans ads across user-defined geographies using multiple browser, operating system and device-type combinations.

Live-scan: Once the ad placement is live, the Mobile Scanner service conducts continuous, ongoing scanning of all ad tags, detecting and alerting through the full length of campaign flight.

Immediate detection results in the blocking and removal of the malicious code
When suspect activity, mobile anomalies or overt malware is detected, the Mobile Scanner system immediately notifies you via email and API so you can remove and block the offending code, shutting down a potential malware attack before any harm to your site or app, your consumers and your brand occurs.

If the malicious activity persists, the company's Mobile Malware Team will contact you via phone to discuss next steps. The Media Trust supports all clients with its own 24/7 in-house, on-shore customer support, which is staffed by experienced malware and mobility experts.

The Media Trust's continuous monitoring, inspecting and analyzing of all suspect activity, anomalies or overt malware protects your mobile website, app and ad tags from the unending threat of mobile malware and mobile redirects.