Ad Networks & Exchanges

Ad networks and exchanges must detect, alert and remediate issues in real time

Ad networks and exchanges are at the heart of the online and mobile advertising ecosystem, using technology to target consumers more effectively, serving ads more quickly and enabling a more efficient advertising marketplace. As a result, they have helped drive much of the explosive growth in online and mobile advertising.

The ad-network-and-exchange model is built on speed and real-time, simultaneous access to the universe of available buyers and sellers, which is incredibly dynamic and fluid. The enormous volume of ads successfully served each day is proof that this model works and works well.

The industry, however, must continue to improve the quality of advertising flowing through the online and mobile ecosystems. And ad networks and exchanges need to institute quality assurance processes to detect, alert and remediate issues in real time.

In each step of the ad execution chain, third-party ads and content behave differently. For example, the buyer QA'ing ads pre-flight sees yields different results from the quality scans performed at the exchange level, which produces different results from the scans executed inflight on the publisher's site. Therefore, given the large number of parties involved in serving a single ad, a rigorous quality assurance process needs to be injected in every step of the ad execution chain. Add to this the requirement to support advertising across mobile and video platforms and the problem exacerbates further.

More than 250 ad networks and exchanges rely on The Media Trust to conduct rigorous, 24/7 quality assurance on all ads running through their platforms. With more than nine years in the ad tech industry, our technical and customer support teams understand the complexity and challenges ad networks and exchanges manage every day. So, along with industry-leading technology, we also provide networks and exchanges with unlimited access to our deep domain expertise and experience in the technologies and processes used to serve and protect online and mobile ads.

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