Industry-leading partnerships

The Media Trust’s partner program supports a variety of technology providers ranging from advertising networks and exchanges to enterprise platforms and SIEMS. These partners rely on The Media Trust’s unparalleled knowledge of the online and mobile ecosystem to enhance and extend the solutions and services they provide to their end clients.

Digital Threat Intelligence partner program
The Media Trust’s Digital Threat Intelligence (DTI) provides your SIEM and your threat intelligence content with a significant competitive advantage that is unparalleled in the security industry. DTI is a real-time threat intelligence feed consisting of information on actual malware attacking websites and internet users via compromised ad tags and any third-party code used to render websites. DTI is unlike any other threat data because its intelligence is generated entirely from The Media Trust’s own proprietary ad tag and website monitoring service, which scans and analyzes the website source code, ad tags, third-party domains and any external calls executing on the world’s largest, most heavily trafficked digital properties for anomalous, suspicious or malicious activity.

DTI can work with any network monitoring/blocking system and is already integrated with the following platforms: