Online and Mobile Publishers

Online and mobile publishers must secure the customer's online experience

The Media Trust understands the many challenges publishers face as they try to manage online and mobile advertising's explosive growth. As an online and mobile publisher, you must have the ability to verify the successful placement of each ad in every campaign; you must ensure your site is safe from the constant threat of malware and data leakage; you must be confident that the third-party entities used to serve your site are not dragging down your site's performance.

The reality is most online and mobile publishers lack the infrastructure, processes and resources to continuously monitor their public-facing websites for suspicious, malicious or faulty code, which also happens to be the most effective and efficient way to detect and remediate problems as they arise in real time.

This means publishers also lack the systems and processes to vet and quantify the various third- and fourth-party vendors, domains and cookies - which can number in the hundreds - present on their site. Subsequently, they have no idea how they got there, how long they have been there and what their specific function is. Without this transparency, a website is nearly defenseless against malware, site performance issues, ad verification issues and data leakage.

The Media Trust gets all of this, because we have been in the ad tech industry since 2005. Like publishers, we have grown up with the online and advertising ecosystems. Over the past nine years, our team has established and cultivated long-term relationships with hundreds of leading publishers, including 40 of comScore's AdFocus Top 50 websites, enabling them to protect their website, their customers, their revenue and their brand's reputation.

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