The Media Trust bridges the divide between InfoSec, Ecommerce/Website Operations and Ad Operations

As the global leader in monitoring and protecting the online and mobile environment, The Media Trust monitors the source code, advertising, domains, cookies, third parties and other activities executing on public-facing websites and mobile applications, and recognizes when things aren't right — redirected browsers, infected ads, hijacked third-party vendor code, leaked first-party visitor data, digital defacement, etc.

Vigilant monitoring of more than 1 million websites, including more than 25,000 major content publishers, ecommerce and corporate websites, and more than 10 million ad tags each day provides a panoramic view of the Internet ecosystem. With this insight, The Media Trust catches anomalous or suspicious activity before it hits your customer browsers and can also confirm the accurate rendering of advertising content — critical items for security, operations and marketing teams.

Whether you're an Information Security/ IT professional looking to address the vulnerability of your company/brand website or an ecommerce/digital marketing leader eager to assess and improve ecommerce site operations or an ad operations manager needing better transparency and control of advertising campaigns, The Media Trust can help.

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